Sunday, September 21, 2008

Location, Location, Location

Some of my FAVORITE sessions are senior sessions!! Seniors take direction well and want to have a great time. It's a wonderful experience to get to know a little about them and really bring their personality out in a photograph.

K has been one of my favorite muses from even before I officially opened my business. She agreed to do this shoot with me to give seniors some ideas of the GREAT locations we have around town to get some funky, fun and "urban" photographs. These locations are some fantastic pockets in town that we easily overlook in our busy lives...but I think they make unique places for senior sessions.

So I'd like to present 2 of my favorites spots (with more to come). Seniors are able to choose a variety of locations. I recommend at least 3, which we can usually complete in 1 1/2-2 hours. More locations results in more travel time and less photos and fewer locations results in more photos but less variety in the backdrops. Although each of the locations I recommend have several unique and funky backdrops!

Location: The Downtown Alleys
The alleys are all located within historic Downtown Raton. These locations are all within a 5 block area and have some really great old, grungy, urban, sophisticated backdrops. We can get a variety of backdrops and poses and the locations mesh well with almost any personality.
Best time of day: Anytime. Specific locations may require a specific time of day...but for the most part we have great locations all day long.

Location: The Schoolbus Field
This is a great location! A local Raton couple was gracious enough to allow me to use their property as a backdrop for photosessions. There are a number of backdrops from cozy, small secluded meadows to a more open field all with tall grasses. A great old school bus with broken windows....a great find to be sure...especially for senior sessions.
Time of day: Early morning, late afternoon. We'll see how it fairs as a backdrop this winter!

I'm always interested to get ideas for new locations. If you'd like to schedule a session and have ideas of your own, let us know and we'll be sure to incorporate your locations at your photosession!

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