Sunday, July 19, 2009

Senior Season! - Raton & Trinidad Senior Photographer

I love senior photosessions!!!

Kaycie, has been with me since I first started this endeavor more than a year ago. It's always been planned that I would do her senior session wehn the time came...and waahooo that time is now!!

We had a marathon photosession, but it is so easy with her! I can completely act like the dork I fact even running into poles...and she doesn't judge me too badly! (my eye still hurts from that one!)

Thanks must be given to Mr. Ferri for the use of his AWESOME shop and of course hugh props to the Boy Scouts at the train depot downtown. Sorry guys, I didn't even find out where you are from. So if you are checking in...don't forget to leave a comment and let us know where your heading home to!

Thanks Kaycie, and here is a little sneak peek for mom!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Got Food? NM and CO Photographer

I've been so busy recently that I haven't had a chance to blog these photos...but I couldn't put it off any longer!

As you may know we had a big Father's Day Photo and Frame Event at Danielson Designs in Trinidad, CO. As you may also know Danielson's has the BEST little cafe right next door (anybody up for an engagement session??? I've got great ideas for this location!!). Anyhow, we had a yummy lunch there and it looked so beautiful I had to snap a few quick shots before we could dig in!

So enjoy with your eyes today...and enjoy with your tummy tomorrow!

As a side note you can check out Danielson Designs and all their great products online at

We are....RATON! - NM Children's Photographer

Growing up in a miliary family allowed me many wonderful opportunities. However, the constant moving never really allowed me to grow up with any one group of friends. I seemed to know everybody kind of and nobody really well.

It is the one thing I enjoy most about small town living. And part of the reason I enjoy watching my kids play sports. The boys below are the same boys my son learned to play football with, and will be the same boys he plays his final high school baseball game with in eight short years.

How we got so lucky, with a group of terrific kids, I will never know. But it is a joy to see them growing into young men with respect for themselves, their team and their families. And they play a mean game of baseball too!

I feel especially lucky each All Star season, when their parents graciously allow me to do something a little more artistic with their team photos. I love the scrappy feel the black and white image gives the team and I adore their attitudes!

Thank you boys for allowing me to take your team photos...and play tough!

We are....RATON!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little Miss Gabriella - New Mexico & Colorado Newborn Photographer

Every time I have the pleasure of photographing somebody I thank my lucky stars that I am so blessed as to be able to do this "job"! My dad always said "You have to love what you do!" I honestly never REALLY thought I would find a job which I wanted to get up and go to EVERY morning!

Well, I was wrong! I have found it...and it's sessions like this that tell me it's worth it!

This little doll was a pleasure to photograph. Eleven days of pure sweetness! She hardly fussed and even though dad warned me "Don't take her diaper'll be sorry!"...she only had one little accident and THAT was a piece of cake!

Mom and Dad I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Here's just a little sneak peek...there are so many wonderful images to choose from!!

Without further ado....

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