Monday, February 22, 2010

'it's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.' - raton senior/family photographer

In no other session has this been more true. E. and B. came in becuase Mom wanted some images of daughter in her crown after she had been crowned Winter Ball Queen (I hope I have that right)! First...I'm a TOTAL sucker for tiaras and believe every woman should own at least one! Second...I'm an even bigger sucker for people who can laugh at themselves and boy did we do a lot of laughing!

B. is so fact more beautiful than I think she realizes. I think you will agree her eyes are mesmerizing and so unusually gorgeous. I am so happy to have captured these images. Honestly...I came back from the shoot uploaded the images and my heart practically jumped out of my chest with joy at what we had captured!

If you want to know what makes a photographer smile....just take a look at these images below.

Thank you E. and B. so much for going along with some of my crazy requests and believing in the process!






Finally...I had to post this one. I LOVE this image. Honestly it just makes my heart smile.



amy lenhart said...

gorgeous girl!!! you really captured her beauty!!

Tori Piercy said...

Wow Jenn! These are beautiful! Pretty girl too :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous girl, gorgeous images!

Clarice said...

What a pretty girl! Lovely images Jenn!

Julie Buckman said...

What a gorgeous girl. Look at those eyes! That one of her in the green chair is amazing. I absolutely love it!

Kaylee Lamont said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love all of them, Jennifer!!

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