Sunday, September 27, 2009

An Amazing Family - Trinidad/Raton Family Photographer

Wow...just wow! What an amazing photosession I had this morning.

The photosession was a gift for Nana for her birthday from her children! They surprised her at her party last night and I think she was delighted with their thoughtfulness!

I met with the family, all 16 of them, in Trinidad's beautiful Kit Carson Park. Eight of them were children under 12 years old and honestly I was prepared for a little bit of mayhem. Boy was I delighted to meet, not only 8 beautiful, respectful and happy children, but 3 handsome and funny dads, 3 gorgeous moms, a dashing Papa and a wonderfully beautiful, loving, sweet and joyful Nana who obviously loves her family! And I'm NOT over exaggerating on any of that!

It gave me an all over warm feeling to meet and photograph each one of them! They were kind and loving towards each other and laughed the entire time! I hope it was as fun as experience for them as it was for me!

ummm..could I use any more exclamation points!!!

To you all...thank you from the bottom of my heart! Meeting and photographing your family reassures me that I do in fact have the best job in the whole world! While I will try to get a few more images up for you sneak peek...I couldn't wait to get these up for you to look at! I just can't say how lovely your family is! How lucky each of you truly are!!

I hope you enjoy...and please feel free to leave comments below!!




Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion Fridays - Raton/Trinidad Senior Photographer

Time for another installment of Fashion Fridays. This week's What to Wear Guide is directed towards Senior Gals!

2010 Seniors are busy taking their photographs and at the studio we are having a BLAST doing it!

A few tips for seniors (and anybody really) wanting to look their best for their photosession...

1. DON'T forget to iron your clothes! I can do some magic...but ironing after the fact is NOT one of them!
2. DON'T be afraid of color! Especially in the fall when leaves are starting to change and our backdrops tend to be a bit more bland...spice up your photos with a blast of bright color.
3. Bring different styles. If you dress differently for different occasions...don't be afraid to express ALL of those sides of you.
4. sure to be YOU! The following styles are just to give you some ideas...but if they're NOT you, that's ok too!

I look forward to checking out all of your great fashions at your session!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Awesomely Fun Senior Session - Raton/Trinidad Senior Photographer

I don't think I've EVER laughed as much as I did at this senior session!!! We had so much fun! Went to some of my favorite locations and came up with some great shots!! Oh...and we ALMOST forgot the green chair which would have been a shame because we came up with some really great stuff.

I had a blast Krystle!! Congrats on your senior year and I hope you...and your Grandma...enjoy your sneak peek!!





Thank you Krystale and Alice for a VERY fun session!! I'd love for you to let me know what you think!!! You can leave a comment below if you like!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fashion Fridays - Raton/Trinidad Family Photographer

Time for another installment of Fashion Fridays!

The studio has been VERY busy booking family sessions! And not just a families of 4 or 5...but extended family of 11, 14 and 21 people! WOW!

So...what does a large group wear? I like to give everybody and opportunity to express their personal style within certain parameters. My suggestion is to set a color palette of 4 colors. Then, everybody can decide what to wear within that color palette. Easy peasy!

The most important thing is for everybody to be comfortable and to be themselves! This simple strategy ensures cohesive, classy family images with personal choice and visual interest!

Can't wait to photograph YOUR family!


Some Blog Love for My Baby - Raton/Trinidad Children's Photographer

So I have this IMPOSSIBLE client! He happens to be my soon-to-be two year old!! This kid has some serious cameraphobia due in part to the fact that his mother has photographed every minute of his existence. He has very little patience with me.

But...being that he is growing so fast...and today will be the day of his first haircut (I know, I know)...I had to capture him in his last stages of babyhood!

So, just one for now! Oh...and I just adore this new location! We won't have it for much longer I can feel the snow coming...


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